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January 8th 2010 Newsletter

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****************************** **************** January 08, 2010
New Classes!

A couple of Newsletters ago we mentioned that we would be hosting some different classes in addition to Lauri's free Cloth Diaper 101 classes. Well now it is time to deliver. We have two new offerings for the New Year.

Intro to Babywearing

Whether you are looking to start babywearing or just want to fine tune your babywearing skills & techniques, certified babywearing instructor and pediatric Registered Nurse, Char Wade, will show you what you need to know. Topics covered will include:

  • Positive outcomes of babywearing for both baby and wearer
  • An overview of infant & toddler spinal and hip development
  • Safe & optimal positioning of baby while wearing
  • Demonstration of various carriers and carrying ways

Classes will last approximately 1 hour with an additional hour allotted for Q&A or adjusting carriers to best fit both baby and wearer. Please bring your babies and carriers. Cost for this class is $10 to be paid at the door but pre-registration is required. As an added benefit, $5 of the class fee can be applied towards a carrier purchased after the class (night of class only). Email Lauri at to register. Please specify which date you wish to attend.

Classes are scheduled on the following dates:

  • Monday, January 18th
  • Monday, February 15th
  • Monday, March 15th
  • Monday, April 12th

All classes begin at 5:30pm.

VBAC Preparation

Local birth doulas, Diane Tinker & Megan Day, who have more than 25 combined years of doula and childbirth education experience in Central Iowa, will take you through what you should know, do and expect if you are planning a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). Topics include:

  • Review of attendee's prior Cesarean birth(s)
  • What the research says about VBAC safety vs. risks
  • Choosing a VBAC supportive care provider
  • Navigating the medical system & understanding your patient rights
  • Strategies and support systems for a successful VBAC
  • Techniques for physical & emotional preparation during your pregnancy & labor
  • Advocating for your choices and communicating with your care providers

This class consists of two sessions. The first class will be held on Sunday, January 24th, and Sunday, January 31st, from 3:00pm - 5:00pm both days. Participants are ideally encouraged to attend this class either pre-conceptually or early in the pregnancy for which they desire to VBAC or even if they are exploring the option of a VBAC. Cost is $50/couple and registration is required by emailing Diane at Questions can also be directed to that email as well. Payment is due at the first class. This class is anticipated to be offered on a bi-monthly basis with future dates to be announced soon.

New Products!
  • We now have in stock the new Large size of LilyPadz leak stopping breast pads.
  • LilyPadz also just introduced their new LilyWash. This cleanser is specially formulated to clean your skin's oily residues from your LilyPadz and help extend their life.
  • PlanetWise Wipe Pouch & 10 coordinating Wipes. Made with PlanetWise's patented leak proof seam sealing process. Perfect for keeping your pre-moistened wipes in!
Cloth Diaper 101 classes

We're continuing to offer Lauri's free Cloth Diaper 101 classes to anyone interested in learning about cloth diapering. Classes generally last around an hour, but Lauri will stay until all of your questions are answered. Here's the schedule for the next few classes.

Monday, January 11th at 5:30pm

Sunday, January 24th at 10:00am

Monday, February 8th at 5:30pm

Sunday, February 21st at 10:00am

Monday, March 8th at 5:30pm

Sunday, March 21st at 10:00am

Give me a sign, Baby

Infants and toddlers have a desire to communicate their needs and wishes. However, they lack the ability to do so clearly because the production of speech lags behind cognitive ability in the first months and years of life. Proponents of baby sign language say that this gap between desire to communicate and ability often leads to frustration and tantrums. However, since hand-eye coordination develops sooner than the acquisition of verbal skills, infants can learn simple signs for common words before they are able to produce understandable speech.

Proponents of teaching signing to infants and toddlers purport many benefits to arise from such learning. Among them are improved communication skills between the child, parent, and other caregivers; promotion of the development of language skills and reinforcement of language skills already developed; increased speed of both early literacy skills and spatial reasoning development; and knowledge of how to start as well as engage in a conversation. They also assert that babies who can communicate their wants and needs through signs develop self-esteem, social-emotional skills, and feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction, and are much happier than babies or infants who do not, less likely to throw tantrums, and in some cases can develop a higher IQ.

The academic research into teaching infants and toddlers to communicate through signs bears out that children who are taught to sign at an early age do have numerous comparative advantages over those who are not. While this type of research generally suffers a need for better control groups to isolate the effects of signing, the benefits of baby signing is well supported by indicative, if not evidentially strong, evidence from baby signing research; related evidence from deaf sign and hearing gesture/language research; and compelling anecdotal support from families who have embraced the approach.

Infants as young as 6 months who are given regular and consistent exposure to signing can use signs effectively by 8 or 9 months!

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