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November 26th 2009 Newsletter

Little Padded Seats
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****************************** **************** November 26, 2009
Black Friday Sale

This year we are going to try something a little different for Black Friday. We are going to be highlighting certain items for our Black Friday Sale and giving a deeper discount. We will offer the same sales on the same items both in-store and online. However, the discount on Preschool Prep DVD series will not show up in your shopping cart. On purchases involving these items we will make manual adjustments to your checkout total when we fulfill your order and your card will be charged less than indicated at checkout.

Below is a list of the sales we will be offering during store hours (10am - 8pm) tomorrow:

  • All Happy Heinys diapers 20% off
  • Every Adiri product 25% off
  • Entire Preschool Prep DVD series buy one get one 50% off
  • Thirsties all in one diapers 30% off
  • All Mambino organic skin care products 20% off
  • Bobux original seasonal shoes (reindeer & snowflake designs) 25% off
  • All Plan toys 20% off
Apology and safety reminder

We must apologize for the short notice that this newsletter is giving you. We found it hard to find time to do work while visiting Tommy's family in Arkansas. That is our fault. However, on the drive home we witnessed and came uncomfortably close to being involved in a car accident.

We were in the left northbound lane, when we saw a southbound car tumbling and flying into the air, crossing the median. Fortunately for us and a lot of other people it got mired in the mud in the median before it crossed into northbound traffic. We pulled over and Tommy ran to help while Lauri looked after the kids. Arriving at the scene, Tommy saw an infant being pulled safely out of her car seat through a window. There had also been two adults in the car, both of whom were thrown out. The passenger was amazingly mostly unharmed and was soon walking about, albeit with a pronounced limp. The driver (the baby's mom), however, was apparently thrown forward and the car landed on her. About six men, including Tommy, tried with no success to roll the car off of her. She was alive, but unconscious and still pinned when we left after emergency personnel arrived and took over.

We do not know what caused this accident and have not been able to find it in news reports online yet. However, you never know what will happen when you get in your car. This busy holiday season, and all year long, make sure your children are secured in an appropriate car seat or booster. And don't forget about your children's parents - fasten your own seatbelt.

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