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Hab It: Pelvic Floor DVD

If you're living with symptoms of incontinence, this is the place to start taking back control.

You might not know what its called, but you certainly recognize the symptoms. A loss of bladder control when you run, jump, cough or sneeze. Perhaps it started after you gave birth, or maybe it started for no reason in particular. Chances are you tried to ignore it at first or you just assumed it was to be part of your life, but now the fear of incontinence when the bladder leaks or releases may prevent you from performing certain activities you used to love. If these symptoms sound familiar, you are not alone. More than 20 million women suffer from the consequences of weakened pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to incontinence or prolapse.

What is a pelvic floor and how does it affect incontinence?

Your pelvic floor is a series of muscles that span the area under your pelvis, wrapping around the underside of your bladder, uterus and rectum. These muscles help control bodily functions. When they are injured (due to childbirth, for example) or grow weak, many women experience incontinence or prolapse. While Kegel exercises can help to a certain degree, they do not effectively target the entire set of relevant muscles. By strengthening these muscles holistically through the regimen of precise, carefully executed exercises shown in this DVD, you can rebuild a strong pelvic floor and regain control of your body.

Includes Hab It: Pelvic Floor DVD and exercise band

Run time: 1hr 42min


  • Intro 3:41
  • Anatomy overview and Kegel instruction 6:58
  • Postural positioning 6:10
  • Workout 1 21:43
  • Workout 2 28:43
  • Workout 3 22:18
  • Workout 4 (advanced) 12:21
  • Time-efficient versions of each workout


    Hab It Pelvic Floor DVD

    # 2269 Hab It Pelvic Floor DVD

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