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What's in Charlie's Soap?

Charlie's Soap formulas are what make us special. They have been fully tested for non-toxicity (Duke University) and biodegradability (Japan Food Research Labs) and effectiveness (SGS US Testing Labs).

Consumers have a right to know what's inside the products. Charlie's Soap clearly label the ingredients on their packages. That way, folks can better make up their minds whether they want to use their products.

Charlie's Soap ingredients can be separated into two categories: biodegradable ingredients and natural mineral ingredients.

The United States federal government requires that a product biodegrade 80% in 28 days before it can be labeled "biodegradable."

As tested by the Japan Food Research Laboratories, Charlie's Soap biodegradable ingredients degrade by 97.3% in 28 days in soil.

The rest of Charlie's Soap ingredients fall under the natural mineral category.

Charlie's Soap products are rated safe for use around lakes and streams and have been approved by the USDA for use around food preparing surfaces. They are non-toxic.

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