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What Makes Toofeze So COOL?

Toofeze® is a functional and durable all-natural alternative to traditional baby teethers. Its three distinct chewing surfaces allow babies to self-manage their changing teething needs. The food grade ingredients are hypoallergenic and intentionally selected to meet the high standards of today’s health- and eco-conscious consumers.

Therapeutic - Cool stainless steel disk clinically reduces painful teething symptoms caused by swelling and inflammation.

Convenient - Chills instantly in cold water – Perfect for out and about when a fridge isn't handy

Ergonomic - Soft silicone handle and stationary design make it easy for babies to control. -Aids in early motor skills development

Sanitary - Easily cleaned with soap and water or antibacterial wipes.- Durable enough to be boiled or run through the dishwasher as often as you like!

Toofeze Teether

Toofeze Teether

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