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Anna Natural's Herbal Tea - New Mama

Anna Natural's Herbal Tea - New Mama

Postpartum Herbal Tea with Lady's Mantle

Well, mama you did it! You delivered your new baby into the world, way to go! Now the fun really begins - take your time and enjoy this moment as time will pass quicker than you'd ever expect. In these first few weeks after your baby is born, you will experience so many different things - both emotionally and physically. While you are now taking care of your newborn boy or girl, remember this is an important time to take care of yourself as well.

If you've never heard of it before, lady's mantle has amazing healing properties. Used for centuries to heal damaged tissues, including perforated eardrums, hernias, and various prolapses including varicosities. For women especially, the benefit of lady's mantle immediately following delivery has great worth - healing and toning damaged tissue to restore and rejuvenate the body.

New Mama postpartum tea also contains alfalfa, which is very rich in Vitamin K, to supply proper blood clotting thus reducing the risk of postpartum hemorrhage. Additionally, the postpartum tea is blended with nettles - another herb high in Vitamin K but also in calcium, adding to the reduced risk of hemorrhage but also helping to diminish muscle pain in the abdomen and legs. 


  • Heals damaged tissues from delivery
  • Tones tissue to restore and rejuvenate
  • High in Vitamin K and calcium
  • Reduces risk of postpartum hemorrhage
  • Helps diminish muscle pain in abdomen and legs

Steep 1-1.5 tsp of New Mama tea in 6-8 oz. of hot water for 8 minutes. For a stronger flavor, use more New Mama tea or steep longer. For a weaker flavor, use less New Mama tea or steep for fewer than 8 minutes. Honey or agave may be added to sweeten, if desired. 

Drink 1-3 cups of tea per day starting right after delivery. Continue drinking New Mama postpartum tea for 2-6 weeks after delivery.

Fruity and sweet berry flavor, very aromatic.

Organic lady's mantle, organic alfalfa, organic nettles, dandelion, strawberries, cherries, cranberries, cherry and strawberry extract.
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