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Little Padded Seats Cloth Diaper Garage Sale

In the market for second hand cloth diapers? Looking to sell the cloth diapers that your little one no longer uses? We've got the solution ... Little Padded Seats is facilitating a Cloth Diaper Garage Sale!

When: The 2nd Saturday of even numbered months from 10:00am - 

Cloth Diaper Garage Sale at Little Padded Seats

Where: Little Padded Seats - Valley West Mall
Cost to Sell: 20% of sales
How to register for space: Call, email, or come by Little Padded Seats

Looking to BUY

Free to attend. An inexpensive way to start or add to your cloth diaper stash. You should find a wide assortment of brands probably including some not carried at Little Padded Seats. Already have enough cloth diapers? No problem - bring a friend who may be interested in coming over to the fluffy side and show them how easy and inexpensive cloth can be! And unlike traditional garage sales, in addition to cash and check, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, and Dwolla. (And don't forget about Valley West Mall Gift Cards and LPS Gift Certificates!)

Disclaimer - All transactions are between the buyer and the seller. Little Padded Seats is not warranting any items for sale at this event.

Looking to SELL

We will give you as much indoor table space as you need as well item labels for you to price and tag all of your items. You set your own prices. Show up around 9:45am (or earlier if you have a lot to sell) to set out your items. At this point you have a choice, you can hang around and negotiate if your prices are flexible or you can leave after setting out your items. (If you need, you can drop your pre-priced items off with us before the garage sale and we'll set them up.) After the event, pick up your unsold items and we will write you a check for the proceeds from your sales minus the 20% surcharge. We just ask that you don't remove unsold items before the posted end time of the event.

Disclaimer Whether you choose to stay with your items in the sale the whole time is your decision. If you do leave we will do our best to ensure that none of your items walk off without being paid for. By and large, we've observed very little of this at Little Padded Seats. None the less, the risk is yours.

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